How does LindaMsanii provide security to my song/video?

After you have registered with us, you will have all our services at your hand.

LindaMsanii provides a Secure a Song or Video Menu that allows you to secure an audio or video. Once you follow the securing process as directed by the app, a secured version of the audio/video is created and saved in your device(phone) storage in a folder named LindaMsanii.

What Security have you given me by creating that file?

We did not just create a file, we created a secured version of your audio or video that you chose to secure.

The secured version:

  1. will forever recognize you as its original owner regardless of where it goes, who sells it or how it was shared to friends.
  2. will never be watched or listened to by a fan without the fan paying you what you deserve for producing and securing the file. The fan must pay some activation fee.
  3. Even when stolen from you and sold without your knowledge, the audio/video will still carry your details with it and it will still require the buyer to pay you before they watch or listen.

After creating the file, you can now decide how to market your secured audio or video.

Offline marketting:

You can decide to sell your song or video to friends using Bluetooth or any offline means. After all its secured and they will have to pay you before they watch or listen to your song.

Online marketting:

LindaMsanii with the support of VirtualArif will provide you with an online space where you can upload your Secured song or video. After uploading, a download link is provided to you so that you can share it with friends who will download and pay you before they watch.

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