Inua Msanii Wa Home Promotion

Tuinue Msanii Wa Kwetu is a promotion page that selects a single Msanii for a local area and decides to promote the Msanii for one day.

In this page, A musician who is a member of LindaMsanii will be randomly selected and promoted to his/her local people via an SMS link from LindaMsanii.

What Do I do to enroll for the promotion?

  1. Must be a registered Member of LindaMsanii. Get LindaMsanii App here
  2. Secure your songs and Upload them to VirtualArif Servers.
  3. Email or Contact 0729 63 33 04 and ensure that you send your request indicating your artist name(as registered by LindaMsanii) and your email (as registered with LindaMsanii).
  4. Kindly wait for us to come back to you after sending the request. We may ask you some few friendly questions to make us develop further updates.