What do I need to do to ensure that my song is 100% secure?

A tough question here, But don’t worry, A tough answer too is here.

  1. Keep the Insecure version of the song as secret.

As a musician/artist/comedian, Ensure that you do not release the insecure version of your song to the public. Soon we will list the music providers that you can upload your song to even after securing but for now, Keep the insecure version safe with you and let the public consume the secure version first.

2. Trust your producer and be in good terms.

Ensure that you can 100% trust your music producer so that they may not release/sell the insecure version of your song. We are doing our best to create trust with several producers who will be working with us and with high integrity.

3. Market the secured version of your song.

Marketing is key to every success. Use the download link that we provide after uploading and invite your friends to enjoying your new music to the market. Let them know that it is secured with LindaMsanii thus they need the app.

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